I am proud to be a girl

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Because I am a girl, I see the world from a different view, from more of a feminine side. I want to follow the same steps my mother has made when she was a girl. I want to show and prove those who have doubted the worst from women. I want to show them how incredibly strong and powerful we are, especially when take the time and act together for a better cause. Because I am a girl, I can't wait till I become a woman and I will be able to give life to a miracle. I will show my baby what life is all about, and how life should never be taken for granted. I will show that everything has a meaning and that no matter whom you are, you can accomplish enormous and valuable things even if starts off small. Because I am girl, I got inspired by the 'Famous Five' Canadian superior women, I realized and appreciated that any woman is as strong as a man. They dedicated their lives to the communities around them and dedicated great amount of effort in their journey. Because I am girl, I want to keep their traditions and show the world that there is Girl Power and I am very grateful to take my very first step, that will eventually lead to a positive outcome. Because I am girl, I will take the time, appreciate and share valuable lessons to those that are around me, and extremely ecstatic that I AM A GIRL!


Girls rock

and extremely ecstatic that I AM A GIRL! I liked this sentence very much. Within a short span of time Girls have rised from dust to sky. Women have already proved that they are the superior sex. Current studies and researches show that the Future is Female. Though I am a man, I agree that we guys have already fell on Women's feet. Congrats Girls for being such a powerful and masterpiece creation of God.