Notto Village, Senegal

Notto Village, Senegal

 Visit the Village of Notto!  We invite you to explore our community through the short films and photos that we have made.

Here in Notto, a group of us worked for almost 3 weeks taking photos, making videos, and doing theater about the different aspects of our community.  We covered things that we are proud of as well as things that we want to change.

We've shown our work to the community leaders and our local politicians in order to help them better understand us.

We hope you will look at our work too and let us know what you think!

Notto Village, Senegal Photos

One of our main forms of transportation.
Women gather at the village market.
Women share conversations in the shade.
A young girl buys food from the market.
The local artisan training center.
Play is a part of life everywhere
Youth learn to shoot photos
A typical scene
The artisan training center
Youth film one of their water sources
Horses are a common form of transportation
We work hard to keep our farms going.
Family is the most important thing in life.

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Notto Village, Senegal Features

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